Best Hotels in Ubud under 100 Dollars

If you think that spending your days in Ubud will cost you a lot of money, then you might want to think about that once again. That is because there are some nice hotels in Ubud that will cost you less than 100 dollars a night. That means, you can easily get the nice Bali Ubud accommodation without having to spend a lot of money while you are traveling to Ubud for some days. If you are interested, then some of these hotel options might be worth to try.

The first one is The Sungu Resort and Spa. This place is considerably nice, both for the lone travelers and for those who travel with their couple or family. That is because this hotels offers you many nice facilities such as the nice garden, the pool, and the restaurant. The spa centre is another thing that you will surely love from this place. With the average price of 90 dollars a night, this place will surely worth to stay when you are in Ubud Bali. The second option is Ubud Villa. This place is another nice option since the starting room rate of this hotel is only about 85 dollars. Of course, you will need to pay for the better room, but the standard room is just enough for those who have the limited budget. As an addition to that, the natural and traditional concept combination is something that you will love from this hotel.

The last one is The Mansion Resort Hotel. This place can be considered as one nice modern hotel with the resort looking style. This place is something nice for those who do not really into the traditional lifestyle since the overall look of this hotel is just so modern. Even though this hotel is considered as the high-end hotel, it turns out that this hotel also has some open-air facilities where you can relax and enjoy the nature such as the café, the restaurant, and the pool. For the starting room rate, you might need to pay about 110 dollars, but this hotel offers you the nice discount most of the times so that you might only need to spend about 80 to 90 dollars a night to stay in this hotel. Since all of those hotels above are rated with five stars, you can simply say that you will get the best facilities and amnesties from all of those hotel options above.